Flame-Feathered Dancers : long legged Elegance

Natures Flame-Feathered Dancers


If you clicked on this post in the hopes that you would see some exotic human Flame-Feathered Dancers will you were sadly mistaken because I cannot see how anyone could compare to the magnificence of the Flame-Feathered Dancer of nature the Flamingo.

Greater Flamingo

There are only six different species of Flamingos which is not a whole lot so, to see one up close and personal is a truly amazing experience even though that they do have an odor which is a result from the krill.   From early times the flamingo has been appreciated for its lovely, delicate stature. Its long-necked likeness was chiseled into stone and can be seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs. So unusual and admired was the bird’s appearance that the Egyptians revered it as the embodiment of the god Ra. The flamingo’s slender, arching neck and thin, graceful legs were featured in primitive cave drawings.  Even to this day you see flamingos in paintings and other forms of expressive artwork because they have a elegance about them that you could not compare to another bird so, what can you say to those that find a bird like this to be a vulgar or weird in appearance.

Today six species of flamingo can be found in areas of Africa, the Caribbean, Eurasia, and South America. The lesser flamingo is the smallest of the species. It is beautifully colored, with deep-pink feathers and bright-red legs and feet. The greater flamingo is twice the size of the lesser flamingo and stands up to 55 inches tall. All flamingos have a common characteristic—a bill that gently bends in the middle and curves downward, creating a form that is lovely to behold.   Amazing to see when you are close to such interesting birds because you can tell the difference between the two if you was to come close enough to them so discover how both birds interact with one another.

When taking to the air, the bird gracefully flaps its wings and races across the

Lesser Flamingo

water on nimble legs, obtaining the momentum it needs to lift into the sky. With its long neck and head straight out in front and its legs trailing rigidly behind, it elegantly wings its way across the sky. An estimated four million flamingos inhabit Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

What is there not to like about Flamingos except their fishy smell?  They are very pleasant to look at even though they are very homely at birth but, do most things get better looking in time? I cannot see why people state that this is an odd color bird because they are very unique in their coloring because there are not too many other species of birds that come in with pink feathers if memory serves me right so, what is odd about them?

Anyway there are many things that I can find interesting about the flame-feathered dancers that we are forced to share the world with but, that will have to wait in another post.


The Beautiful Moth

On pleasant nights like this moths come out and start to play with the lights. Many people find them to be ever so annoying but, they are completely harmless as a creature could be.   I see people shoo away so many moths like they are disease-laden mosquitoes trying to bite them but, when they land on me I admire the beauty that they have for moths are so delicate creatures.

Atlas Moth

When I compare Butterflies and Moths I just look at them nighttime butterflies and butterflies to be daytime Moths.  Moths do not carry disease such as rabies, they do not bite, and they do not sting so, what makes people so afraid of a harmless night time creature?  Everyone can admire butterflies for their beauty and variety of butterflies but, only a few people ever stop to admire the beauty and variety of moths.  “Beauty?” what does the world define beauty in nature? I can say everything I’ve seen has its own form of beauty whether its hazardous to my health or not.  Like moths some think of moth as merely a lackluster cousin of the beautiful butterfly, however, both are given the same scientific classification.

There is a book on bugs and what I found out was there are 150,000 to 200,000 species of Lepidoptera only 10 percent are butterflies but, the rest are moths.  Like many other people, I hardly thought of moths except when putting away my winter clothes and placing mothballs around them in an attempt to repel the clothes moth. I did not know that as adults, moths do not eat fabric at all—they only do so while in the larval stage as caterpillars.

What changed my outlook toward moths? my outlook on Moths came when I discovered on during a summers night when I began to have a real passion for butterflies because I would always draw butterflies.  Then that pleasant summers night came and I saw a unique type of moth, it was a robin moth something that I never saw or probably even notice when I was younger.  Their appearance to me was so striking that I learned to look at moths differently than other people would.  I notice it had two eyes but, it probably was about 2 thousand eyes made to look like one whole eye and, it was claim in dealing with me because it did not see me as a threat.

That night when I was a lowly preteen girl going through some drama, noticing

Robin Moth

a moth that was beautiful started my own little adventure of finding insects and animals because uniqueness was beginning to take over my mind but, to share it with someone at the ages 10, 11, and 12 who did not understand was not even worth the time for everyone else was following celebrities I was not.   I was following nature and animals.

I wonder at times looking back and not following the trends there are no regrets instead of trying to share my interests with some whom were not interested in the same things that I was.  In addition I due wonder will I ever find love in my life because I have not found that someone that finds my interest to be interesting rather than creepy or taking interest because they want to impress and make me happy.   My last relationship was disastrous because the person did not really love me as he claimed but, only kept me in a relationship because he figured he can make it work even though he belittle my interests and insisted on doing things his way.  I left him in the dark because I never contacted him again nor continue to pass words with him.

I still attract men of all kinds but, I do not see anything in them that says “hey, I love nature and animals more than anything else in the world. I wish to find one that shares the same interests.”

It does seem rather sad that I am looking my life as this because I am not really political on the basis of being conservative or liberal, I do have a great interest in the world around me, I do have a dream that I can have children to share my passion with.   I just do not see my forever partner sharing the same interest or even similar interest.

Polyphemus moth

When I go out on nights such as tonight, I do not see just one moth I see a whole mess of them and they are happy together.  I would like to be in that category somewhere but, I do not see where I can go in order to make that happen because being true to myself is the best policy for, I do not want to come off as fake which turns people off.   I know tonight as I post this blog and look out on the patio to see there are a swarm of lovely moths waiting to be seen.

I don’t know who knows maybe one day when I am a little older probably around in my early to mid 30s I will have that someone special in my life but, for now I am going to focus on myself and being true about who I really am because there is no point in being fake to make someone happy, I learned that watching not only the mating rituals of moths and butterflies but, other creatures as well so maybe I can find someone not at the moment.

Luna Moth

Large Canyon filled will water? Or a large hole on earth?

The worlds largest hole!!!!!

Can you imagine what it would be like to fly over the ocean and see a wonder such as this? I wonder what people would think about when they come to seer something like this once in a lifetime for, where else in the world could you find a large hole that makes a pool for the creatures of the deep blue sea.  Anyway nature is intended for all of us to enjoy so, why wouldn’t we enjoy it?

The Arrow Crab

Arrow Crab

Arrow Crabs are a very unique creature that is scatter across the world but, most people find them to be horrifying do to their appearance.  Many people state that this is something that you would only see in a nightmare but, the truth is these lovely crabs are alive and well existing outside of the dream realm so, when you ever decide to do some deep sea adventure or visit the pet store do not be alarmed when you see these things up in person.

A lovely snake that looks like a ribbons but, its called a Vine Snake

Vine Snake

There are so many snakes in the world that I cannot tell you how amazed I am when it comes to seeing new undiscovered species but, honestly I think there are probably more snakes in the world unknown than there are humans.  I hope that one day that there will be more interesting things to find than what is broadcasted on television for, nature is more educational than following celebrities on the daily basis.  I hope that I find a person in my life that will feel the same way and join me in getting closer to nature for nature is wonderful.


Summer is beginning to come to an end soon fall will be close at hand

car covered in leaves or is it made from leaves?

This car is really something to see and I wonder how many leaves did it take for the person to cover the car to make it look like that and, how much time it took to put those leaves into places so, it can stand out when they drove it on the road.  I find this to be very interesting compared to some other things that I have seen people do with leaves but, I decided to blog about this for it is not too often that you find someone to do something this creative.