Discovering my inner Hummingbird

Everyone is unique which makes the beauty of life ever so important no matter what others say because everyone has their own views, facts, and opinions of what they view life.  My outlook on life is usually cheerful more so now due to the fact I have gotten older in life so, I look at some things in a whole different light as well as perspective.  When I was younger everything seemed bigger such as dogs, plants, insects, and the list goes on; however, I seen the same things I thought was bigger than myself was actually smaller,  For example, I use to be afraid of large dogs because they looked so big and nothing could stop them but, when I hit my teenage years the same dog breeds I saw at a younger age was no longer scary but more friendly. 

In addition as I gotten older my association had change over time for, the group of people that I hanged out with in elementary school were no longer the same associates I had but, I never take account of some of the stupid things they state 90%.  Most of my pre-teen and teen age years were filled with drama and very little else but, when adulthood came my tolerance for people who cause drama went down to zero so, when I know people are going to show nonsense I ignore or excuse myself.

I call this finding my inner Hummingbird because my experience in the years of youth have taught me valuable lessons that I will never forget so, when I encounter those same people again I know how to deal with them.  However, the majority of them realize that they are no longer wanted and have decided to move on with their lives as well as I have; my reasons for stating I am a hummingbird is because when I first encounter a hummingbird this was a remarkable experience that anyone even you could imagine seeing for the first time. 

One cock-crow, walking the endless trails of untamed landscape filled with a mixture of flowers that were both domestics and wild that came in a range of brilliant colors.  Those lovely flowers have always attracted insects of all kinds but, never it would have come to mind that these natural beauties would ever attract a hummingbird. Yes, that faithful cock-crow was one that made all the others ordinary because surrounded in a large crowd of bees, butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs, and other insects that deal with natures perfume.  Watching that hummingbird going through the field of flowers reminded me of myself for, as an individual would stand out in a certain crowd because I am different from all the rest. As for the hummingbird being alone enjoying its time going through the flowers brought me to believe that I am a human hummingbird enjoying my life the way I wish to enjoy it so, why should a crowd of others that take similar interest spoil my fun when I am not interfering with theirs?

Also learning from watching that lovely hummingbird led me to believe that it made a decision to join those insects in fertilizing the flowers and, the insects did not mind the fact of the hummingbirds presence because they were all doing the same thing.  It also came to my mind that some people make poor decisions of being someone that they are not because I once had a brief relationship with a person that was not being true to himself for, he took in interest that he did not like in order to impress his person of interest whether it was me or another woman.  Decision are lessons to remind us to never go back that road again but, if one does face that situation again then one will know what to do when that time comes again.

As for myself decisions I have made were both good and bad but, you learn from those decision to never return to that situation again such as a person, animal or whatever that may be.  However, I have chosen to convey my life inimitability in a positive way; I am not going to judge people because of the lifestyle they chose neither the fact of their sexual orientation nor, what things they have done that they are ashamed of because that is gods trouble so why should I be the one to worry about.  I will express myself in all fields no matter what others may think or feel because i am a solitary hummingbird surrounded in a crowd of insects that share a similar interest than my own. Image



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