Feline with Funny Ears


I love animals! When I bought a book on cats I never knew how many breeds there were to begin with and, I notice that they have different types of ears but, the one that caught most of my attention was Scottish folds. Scottish folds are the most unique and intelligent breed of all cats and there is no doubt in my mind that they would not make a great pet for most people whom are cat lovers as well as dog lovers for, these cats can get along with any type of pet even if its a rodent.

Why the fold in the ears? “What happened to the cat’s ears?” people ask that question often when they see a Scottish Fold for the first time and the fold in the ears is a result of a mutation in what scientist call a dominant gene so, even if a kitten inherits this gene from just one parent it will be a Scottish Fold.

What makes these cats so interesting is the degree of the fold whether its a single, double or triple fold. The interesting part is that when born they all have straight ears but, when the kittens reach the age of three weeks old it starts to show which ones will develop a fold in its ears as well as which ones will remain with straight ears which is rare with this type of cat.

Scottish Folds are considered to be mellow, affectionate, and intelligent cats and they live for about 15 years they seem to enjoy nothing more than a comfortable home life.  Unlike most cats these have a soft, chirpy voice, which they use infrequently and even when hungry they will often just stand and  stare at you until you feed them.

When I look at these cats I also see how unique they are and want makes them different from the rest of the cat world.  I feel the same as the Scottish Folds for I am different and unique so, why should one person try to be something they are not? Also why should a person have to settle for less when they can find others that feel the same way as they do?  I love Scottish Folds for they way they are and I find them cuter than compared to other cats that I see almost everyday.


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