Nature Smarts


Knowing a few things about nature has shown me that I am nature smart so, I would better survive in the wilderness better than a person whom would not know what to do.  I love learning the formations of clouds to the global wind patterns, I love to learn how plants reproduce and watch the moon control the earth’s tide.


When I am out surrounded by animals it does not bother me whether they are domesticated or wild for I am trapped by their beauty such as the first hummingbird I saw.  I look at dog of different breeds and see them in a whole different perspective than I did when I was younger for, they looked just like any other regular animal but, with age came maturity that led me to see that all dogs are not the same like people, they have a personality like people do so, why should people treat all dogs the same.  I have became engrossed by Dobermans for the past three years for, they have found a special place in my heart because I found on dead on the road not by a hit-n-run accident but by the strangling of its owners  for, there was a chain around the dog’s neck which was broken.

Every time I look at Dobermans that image of a decease creature with its eyes open comes to my mind and I try to pet or play with as many that come by when I am walking my routes each and everyday.  I also grew to love Boxer for they reminded me of small children with their innocence they are the closest breed of dogs that would remind me of a child begging for what it wants making it harder to state no.

Butterflies and Dragonflies make me think of peace after learning their life stages to adulthood which goes the same with humans but, we do not change into different things or we make not look the same as we get older.  When I saw a blueberry bee for the first time I was interested in learning how many species of bees that there are in the world and what they look like which made see a new broad spectrum of insects.  I also find some of the greatly known natural wonders of the world as well as the lesser known wonders of the world to be very interesting compared to what is taken away by human expansion on the daily basis so, what else could one see in the hands of nature?

The more I go out and take more time to realize how lovely the world that I am surrounded in is than the more than likely I will appreciate life compared to those that do not see the little things that count more than the bigger things in life.  This is one thing that differs me from the rest of the crowd and I know there are some over the world that feel the same way but, they have no one to turn to in  the form of listening ears.


2 thoughts on “Nature Smarts

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