Crisis of Saving money while going to school for an education

Every cock-crow like today I read the newspaper and watch the news on the economics of the United States and see that how others found ways to save money during times that are hard to deal with.  In addition I look at how some with jobs do the best to control their spending because it sounds easier than it is for those whom are spend happy with certain things like fashion for, there are a lot of populace that are a slave to fashion more than ever because of these new designer that are coming out each and every year.

Controlling spending is the best start for anything when you are going to make a huge life decision like going to college was for me; knowing where and what to spend money on was a major challenge at the time going to school, having a part time job and dealing with family issues.  Having a job that paid $8.75 an hour barely got me anything with a mom that was charging a lot of stuff which would leave me with a bank deposit of $140 biweekly so, I would have to depend on my stipends each semester which I did not get much either because I had to split that money with my mother because mom had no job at all.

Budgeting was my way of getting things paid off on time with a mother that was constantly pounding concrete for a job and not reliable for anything else even transportation to work as well as school because there were so many occasions that I was late because she would wait on my brother whom played around all the time.

Now that I am older and more mature I am no longer dependent on her for anything except living so, I still need a budget to get through the rest of my college years so, that I will not be in debt up to my eyeballs by the time my graduation of graduate school arrives.

I know that I will get a lot of grief when enrolling into graduate school because I am face with a lot of negativity at home so, I will have to do my best to get through with my goal of becoming a human rights lawyer to help people across the sea which is a very unique goal of my own.  Furthermore, I know if I maintain this mindset of saving as much as I can also finding ways of getting to school than my dream will be a reality; I can live on my own far far far away from negative relatives and pursue a career that I have been dreaming of.

Message never let your dreams go so whatever you are passionate about with or without money that can be saved easily you can reach that passionate goal you so desire.


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