Will there ever be a Blue Rose?

Roses have a lot of symbolic meanings and do come in a range of different yet brilliant colors but, cross breeding has not yet perfected nor made a blue rose.  Many have tried to get a blue rose out of nature but, it all seems lost but, most scientist made a rose that was a blue ting out of chemical engineering which does not sound all that exciting when you think about it.

Rose have come a long way since the beginning of time but, its journey has not seem to come to an end due to its popularity with human civilization as well as parts of the animal kingdom.  However, there are many new techniques of cultivation and breeding are being integrated into the plant growing industry; only a few flowers can produce different shades of colors that roses do.  What color captures you attention the most? Is it white roses which is a symbol of happy love and youthfulness, red which means I love you and congratulations, dark crimson which resembles unconscious beauty, Pink which brings the idea of grace and gentleness or is your favorite rose color yellow which is the promise of a new beginning of friendship and delight?

Yes, my friends each rose has a meaning that is different and unique like everyone of use in this entire planet that we call home.  However, there are the question one might ask if the possibility of a blue rose was to ever form out of nature and what would the symbol of that rose will hold; to me a blue rose would mean unattainable, impossible for this seems like an impossible achievement to get when cross breeding different types of roses in nature and science.

Furthermore, did you know that at one point in the history of mankind there was an absent of a true red rose? Well sometime in the 1930s a right breeding of certain roses had cultivated a true red rose that we all see today around all occasions if one was to take notice but, what would the right type of breeding would it take for a blue rose to appear in nature as a beautiful shade of blue whether its sapphire, royal blue, or a deep midnight type of blue.  Whatever that shade maybe it would be the loveliest shade of rose in the world but, I await to see the day that a blue rose appears.


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