A Woman’s Experience

“I am working for the time when unqualified blacks, browns, and women join the unqualified men in running our government.” ~ Cissy Farenthold


As a woman, an individual and many other titles I never believed that one’s experience could ever be define by their gender for, a man or women can experience different things in their life depending on their lifestyle.  One’s lifestyle, culture and age makes a difference of what experience they have that can impact the world and/or give a significant effect on the younger generations.  In the matter of the female gender there are three hundred women that have made their mark in history breaking the glass ceiling for others to gain experience and take on roles that could never have been done before.

The experience that some of these truly magnificent women faced were so remarkable and amazing that some experts had stated it was truly legendary.  Some have paved the way for women of future generations to be a individual that was unheard of in the past due to man dominance.  Furthermore some have not seen the appreciation  by younger generations due to the fact lack of interest; the only way one would truly be interested in this if a celebrity mentioned someone like Abigail Adams, Catherina II and, Zoe.

The greatness of some women have gone far back to the Ancient world and are old as the sands of Egypt for the first seen greatness of women was seen in the 12th dynasty when Sebeknefru took the role as Pharaoh of Egypt this remarkable time in the Ancient world pave the way for other female Pharaohs to take the throne.  In her time her father and half-brother had both pass away so, she alone was the closest individual that came to succession at the time allowing her to rule Egypt at the ending of the 12th dynasty.  However, here greatness has long been forgotten by so many whom do not understand what she meant in the history of women; Hatsheput gets the credit of being the first female Pharaoh.

Well women have come a long way since the 17th, 18th, 19th century when those were the dark days in women’s literature for, men felt that women’s literature was inferior than male literature because it did not show any interest in certain subjects fields, for women would talk about their struggles facing their other halves every day, raising children, and the lost of love ones.

I respect women such as Susan B Anthony for she and a few other women done that no woman dare to do which was to break the law by voting for, she felt that women were not being treated equally like men so, her actions changed the constitution which gave women the right to vote in any and every election that the United States goes through depending on the state or the entire nation.

Julia Augusta Agrippina was one who role in the Roman Empire mad a great significance through history for she was the fourth and last wife of Claudius who was generally suspected of poisoning. When her son Nero whom was only sixteen taking the role of Emperor Agrippina first took the attempt to play the role of regent while her son was in power but, soon power generally weakened when her son took full charge of the government.

Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc, Golda Meir, and Indira Gandhi are women that I have been given inspiration because of the roles that have taken compare to any other women in the history of feminism.   Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth I have crashed the glass ceiling that made the way for other in the fields of Politics, Religion and Military.  Joan of Arc was more of a woman of great significance for she alone led the French army during the hundred year’s war when it was a time period where only men could lead an army but, Joan changed that so women like Elizabeth P. Hoisington and Louise Wilmot to pass on influence to others.  Queen Elizabeth I is another notable cause for when she took the throne of England at a state which is was in great turmoil for, greater powers such as France and Spain used it as a weakened pawn that religious discord that plagued the land.  Queen Elizabeth rule alone for half a century in her time the love for England and its people was so legendary so remarkable it was her alone that strengthen  to the nation it is today.  She also paved the way for women to take stand in Politics and Religion such as Madeleine Albright, Dorothy Vredenburgh Bush, Audrey J.S. Carrion, and Rachelle Henderlite.

Furthermore one must not forget the respects for women such as Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi whom also made a difference that shatter the glass ceiling for women in their country.  Golda Meir is a woman of great significance because she was not only the fourth prime minister for the state of Israel but, she was one of the founders of the State government; however, during her time as prime minister she was able to promote a peace movement in the state of Israel when previous prime ministers could not.  Indira Gandhi also made a great significance during her time as president of India display of toughness and political assertiveness was influential to nation of India. She had not problem showing how much she could do despite false claims that male politicians had made about her while she was in power for nearly two decades.

Women in some parts of the world are making their voice be heard such as Saudi Arabia because for the longest women could never take office or run in elections but, due to recent laws they have been able to do so in local and state elections which have never been done before.

Even in places like Iran have made changes due to women rights movement that have been done there years because women wanted the rights to marriage, divorce, health, reproductive and,  abortion.  In 2005 one year before the death of Iranian leader Saddam Hussein they had pass the law that allowed women to get an Abortion.

Over the past century you are seeing a new age of women writers from different parts of the world that talk about their struggles and the life it’s like to live in that time and place.  Also there are some women writers that are in countries for years that never did allow women to do anything especially learn how to read and right so, there is new voice emerging ever before so, in the future women writers will gain similar or equal respect as those of male writers.

These are some of the things in the world that makes me proud to be a woman, however, there are some men that do back a great woman for you need to two in order to make humanity thrive as well as survive.


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