Orchids in the Wild

There are so many types of Orchids in the world including hybrids that were breeded by man but, everyone does not take the time to properly cultivate Orchids which are very delicate flowers. I love wild Hawaiian Orchids the best because they are so exotic and unique compared to the other types of Orchids that grow in different parts of the world.


After reading what to do on raising orchids I learned how orchids reproduce every year for each harvesting season including the ones in Hawaii that are used for leis.

When two or more closely related orchid species are flowering in the same area, there is a chance that a natural hybrid will develop. In nature, insects and other creatures act as pollinators. When a pollinator visits orchids in search of nectar, pollen from one plant sticks to its body and pollinates subsequent plants visited. The pollinated orchids may then become fertilized. As such, they will produce seedpods.

In time, the seedpod ripens, splits open, and sets loose thousands, or even millions, of seeds. Some of these fall to the ground, while the wind carries off many others. The seeds that take root have a hard time, and very few reach maturity. Those that grow as a result of pollen from one species fertilizing another species are known as natural hybrids.

Which is not uncommon in nature to have hybrids but, mostly when you think of hybrids that is made from man but, Orchids are very interesting flowers that people always wish to rush in cultivation rather than take the time and patience to grow them.


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