North Korea- What to believe?

After watching so many types of documentaries on the isolated country on earth known on North Korea it makes a person wonder what to believe is it a place of paradise as it tries to show? or is it a place of absolute horror?

One thing I know that this country does not allow western civilization to enter the country so, very few western civilization journalists have the chance to experience a country such as North Korea.  In honesty this would not be a place that I would like to go and visit nor a place that I would to be forced to spend the rest of my life in because there is no freedom because people risks the chance of dying or being sent back if caught along with their family members. 

It is truly a country that is run solely on Tyranny and Dictatorship which is something that in the past was never seen in the extremeness like this country has also North Korea is one of the first countries people go blind everyday which is the highest in the world.  In addition poor medical care is part of a humanity violation stated by thousands of Humanitarians and, the fact minders follow your every moment from when you are inside until you have left which is eerie. 

One of the three best documentaries that I have watched based on the topic of North Korea is the following:

  1. Inside North Korea
  2. Crossing the Line
  3. Han, the price of freedom

Inside North Korea is one of the best view of what really goes on based on what was recorded and it shows what life is truly like despite what the propaganda the North Korea gives off to outsiders.  However, when I watch the documentary “Crossing the Line” it showed that one American defector believed that his decision to abandon the United States army for violating orders to go to a country brain washed by communism; the documentary was one of the first for, I have never seen a Caucasian man that had a east Asian accent.  Lastly, Han, the price for freedom is one of the most appalling display of a violation of human rights seeing a solider beating a woman after being caught leaving the country by the Chinese government yet, so many did not believe that the incident was very real, are they seriously wrap around tight? 

I wonder that when people see things such as these three documentaries do they ever stop and think what is being a violation of human rights? Do they have a heart? Do they believe this country is harmless to the people as well as the outside world? What to believe when seeing both sides of every story? What do you believe?



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