Toucan’s Beak

White-Throated Red Billed Toucan

When I look at Toucans I see something different because there are so many types of toucans but the most interesting things about them is their beak. Yes, I find the beak of a Toucan to be very interesting compared to the rest of its body despite the colors of its feathers.

Toucans are poor fliers of Central and South America that moves primarily by hopping yet, the sound produced by some species gives that of a frog but, its much louder it can be heard up to half a mile away in the jungle so perhaps what amazes me about the Toucan is its beak.

Why do I consider the Toucan’s Beak to be a subject of interest?

keel billed toucan that is native to South America and parts of Central America.

Well if one was to examine a Toucan up close the beak on some is over a third of the bird’s length yet, it looks heavy but its not the surface is made of keratin, the same material that fingernails, toenails, hair, bull horns, bear claws, and bird feathers are made out of so, the beak is actually ting layers of hexagonal plates that overlap like shingles on a roof.

In addition the Toucan’s beak has a consistency that has been compared to that of a hard sponge for some parts of it are hollow whereas other parts are made up of beams and membranes similar to that of a bone structure so it results in a lightweight beak that has astounding strength.  In addition the beak is so magnificent and wonderfully created that it has the ability to absorb high impact, this is a reason what the beak has been a model for aviation as well as automotive industries which is the reason for better travel than ever before so, we owe it the Toucan for our safety when on the road or traveling inside a plane.

So do you think the Toucan’s beak is amazing? or do you think this is a load of nonsense?

Diagram of a Toucan’s beak.


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