A Tryst in nature

When I go outside every day to see what a great life I have because I do not know how long I’ll have it so every day I say to myself “today is a great gift”.  That is how I feel with nature when I am walking those long walks that seem endless for those who rather go to a concert or drive to cause chemical pollution in the clean air that our trees give us every day.

I love nature and want to deal with creatures that are from all walks of life, it hurts me to see deforestation of the tree in different parts of the world which are the home for so many and Large sections of ocean are overfished. For example, populations of cod, hake, haddock, and flounder in the North Atlantic fell by as much as 95 percent between 1989 and 1994. Additionally, each year an estimated 20 million to 40 million tons of sea life are caught and thrown back into the ocean—usually wounded or dead.

In addition it burdens me to see horrific events to nature as I mentioned deforestation that has so many negative side effects for the loss of trees results in reduction in the nature’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide, and certain species of plant, the potential source of lifesaving medicines will disappear ; nevertheless, the rate of destruction has increase in the recent years that tropical forests could disappear forever.

Sadly the truth is most people are concerned about the environment but many think nothing of throwing trash on the ground, dumping garbage in a river or leaving lights turned on when they are not being used so acts like this do seem small but each of the billions on earth were careful it could make a difference such as disposing trash properly a contribution towards preserving the environment to sustain nature.

So where does my tryst in nature come from? The rain forest of course.

Yes, my friends my trust in nature comes from the rain forest for, the largest assortment of trees provides innumerable of niches for a huge number of people in the forest and far more than anyone could ever imagine. many rain forest alone can harbor about 775 to 1000 different species that depend on it for survival which is truly amazing beyond compare to any part of the world.

Which increases my trust in nature is fresh air that is important like the foods we eat so anyone who enjoys bracing forest walks has noticed trees do an invaluable job of replenishing the atmosphere with oxygen yet, when they are burned carbon in the form of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is release which is a problem for the natural environment.

I have a trust in nature, my tryst in nature is for the survival of myself as well as mankind which is dependent on it each day for the rest of his life so, conserving the rainforest and other natural resources that nature provides makes a better forth effort to sustain nature at all cost or mankind will slowly die out on its own.


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