Interesting species of bird

Crested Auklets

When I first receive a picture of this truly amazing bird I had to find out what is it because the person whom gave it to me did not know what it was but, I found this bird to  be a great subject of my interest for, there were no other birds in my area that looked like it despite the fact I am on the shore because I enjoy looking as see birds.

The bird is native to the Bering Sea which is off the coast of Alaska and other Arctic as well as the Sea of Okhotsk which is near Russia.  The conservation status of these birds is least concerned because the birds thrive really well in large colonies which is a million plus so, there is no doubt that these birds are endanger of dying off for no one really wants to go near them because of the way they look but, to me they are extremely interesting because they look blind but, they are not because they are able to find Krill real easily compared to other species of birds that live off of krill.

Interesting thing is that they have been reported to be in the stomachs of halibut which is disgusting beyond all vocabulary because I could never imagine finding a bird inside of a fish; however, I had to look at it in a different view point that these birds are very small so, it should not be a surprise of what could happen to them when they are going to find krill in a sea full of Arctic fish such as Halibut, Cod, Haddock and many more that probably would eat this bird on the normal basis because fish do eat anything that isn’t nailed down so, why not be able to find a bird that is no bigger than a coffee mug?

More importantly this species of bird is interesting to look at but, it would be a rare opportunity to see this bird up close due to the region that its in.

Crested auklets



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