Lorikeet bird one of natures rainbows

Rainbow Lorikeet

Lorikeets are a unique type of medium-size parrot for they amaze people with their wide range of colors that go beyond the eye can see. There are so many people that do not understand birds yet, they can learn a lot from them such as safety in numbers.  What is funny many people find them to be a pest, well yes birds as beautiful as this can be quite a pest like people.   The reason they are considered pest because they go into orchids and strip trees of their fruit which is not just one but, groups of them doing it all at the same time so, they need to be controlled in such areas.

Lorikeets can be sold as pets but they are expensive beyond compare such as Sun Conures, African Conures, and Rare green Canaries which are consider to be top of the line exotic pets.

One thing I have learned by examining these wonderful birds is the fact that no two are alike on the outside, nor in personality but, their bodies do the same thing like everything else in the world that is living such as human beings.  Lorikeets are very friendly with all walks of life including with humans but, its humans who discriminate within society and the animal kingdom because a lot of people would say that some animals look better than others or some animals look creepier than others.  Animals are a gift so, why would one discriminate towards a wonderful gift that is given to them for them to enjoy?

We can learn a lot from these birds and many others if one wishes to make that choice in life but, there are so many people that worry about unimportant things such as the going ons of celebrities they are lost.


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