Ricin- Natures Killer and Caster oil Benefits

Ricin is a poison that directly comes out of nature which is commonly found in caster seeds yet, caster oil is very good for humans but, eating the seeds are hazardous to a persons health which results in death within three hours normally which is a painful one at that but, when one consumes this deadly toxin what is their resource of getting rid of the poison?  The answer was already mentioned Caster oil but it must be cold pressed and in large amount so,  2 bottles and a 1/2 of cold pressed caster oil should do so, that you will not die from the hazardous poison but, if you are trying to commit suicide then yes go ahead and take in Ricin but, remember suicide is a crime.

Wait what is Ricin? Can you tell me a little bit more on that?

Ricin is a natural protein that is found in Caster plants which is highly toxic to humans even a small dose of five caster seeds can kill a human within a short period in time so, this is why I am blogging about this interesting but, strangely dangerous substance.

My reasons for blogging it is interesting because I use caster oil which is the same thing that Ricin comes from so, it did not occur to me that I could be at deaths door at any moment in time if the oil I buy each and everytime is not going to kill me.   I use Caster oil in my hair which does wonders for me because saturating my hair in this lovely oil keeps it soft like cotton for the next day before I apply the Coconut oil so, when it came to my attention that the plant which made my beauty oil is also the same plant that can end my life was baffling because I would never though a caster seed would harm me in any shape or form.

In the world of biochemistry Ricin is commonly classified as a type two Ribosome inactivating protein or RIP for short so, you get the idea why this stuff is not good for you, I bet it was because of the initials RIP! That was a joke.  More importantly it consists of single enzymatic protein chain known as holotoxins and heterodimeric glycoproteins which is a chain that functionally equivalent to type one RIP covalentyl connected by a disulfide bond which serves to mediate entry of the A-B protein complex into the cytosol.

Lastly in order to display its ribosomes inactivating function ricin disulfide bond must be reductively cleaved.

Where did you find this information out?

I found this out through the different scholarly sources that are used on online libraries so, it was no doubt in my mind in all areas of research to see that something like this could be a danger to me in any moment because you can inhale, touch or ingest ricin it is going to be harmful no matter what so, being the fact that is put into hair it can kill me within a matter of seconds without men knowing what is going on inside of my body during those three hours I am dying from the poison.

What are the chances of getting ricin poisoning?

5-20 cases a year have been relieved to be ricin poisoning so it depends on where the source of the ricin is coming from before the person who is suffering or have died of the poison can be ruled out on many things but, ricin is the probably the best way to commit a homicide or suicide whatever a persons choice may be but, there are some new advancements in technology mostly in the fields of biochemistry and microbiology that have aid in the detection of the presence of ricin.

Furthermore, many forensic analysis have found ways to prove that a person has died due to the presence of ricin; most people do not even know that because they usually believe if you mask the poison it will never be found or, if a body is cremated the trace of the poison is gone.  Well that is not entirely true because there have been many cases where forensic scientist have made history finding different types of poison in many cases so, finding a way to see the presence of ricin is a challenge but, it is not impossible.

The problem which comes with ricin is you have to know where to look so, you would need to understand what protein of certain parts of the body it would most likely would be found such as hair and nails.  Your hair and nails are timestamps believe it or not so, if something was to happen to you if could be found in those two part of the body because hair and nails is made out of protein called “Keratin” so, when dealing with a poison like ricin you not only need to be careful but, make sure that others are aware of the danger of ricin because many people do not think that caster seeds can be harmful to ones health because many use the oil that comes from it for many uses including the beauty industry so, when dealing with exotic plants when traveling abroad or dealing with foreign good such as Jamaican Black caster oil always be aware that you can be close to danger at any time because you can be one of those 5 – 20 cases of ricin poisoning that affects adults every year for, they never think of the dangerous that caster seeds have behind them ever step of the way before they are put into use.  Remember this too if you ever have encounter this deadly poison take in cold pressed caster oil within the first hour so, you have an increase chance of survival before the EMT gets to you and takes you to see medical treatment for the poisoning because ricin poisoning is a death no on should ever have to go with not even your worse enemy.

Take good care of yourselves when dealing with caster.


One thought on “Ricin- Natures Killer and Caster oil Benefits

  1. Hi Hummingbird. Thank you so much for calling by reading and liking my recent poetry. And kindly following my poetry. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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