Organic movement

I thought doing good for the environment since this morning I took the same walk down the same path of wild flowers and domestic flowers.  Again I saw the hummingbird that once grabbed my attention which started my journey of loving myself so, loving myself would consist of doing the things that I love most which is being around nature so, what would be the problem of going organic in lifestyle compared to other people whom do not care about the fate of our environment?

I was watching television on Tuesday night about a show that talks about living green and, I thought will I would have to be a vegan in order to live green but, I have a love of meat that is beyond compared yet, I do not like to see animal be abused in order to be meat for us to eat.  The show was hosted by a woman named Sara Snow and she said that living a healthy Eco-friendly life consist of a challenge the challenge is to live two long weeks of things that you never tried to live with before so, in order to start living a Eco-friendly life one must try something they never did before in their lives.  In my point of view I never tried some of that healthy herbal stuff that the food stores sell since they appeared on so many doctor shows but, the properties for them is really good so, in other words I probably try to make the effort of living an Eco-friendly life by applying the first two week during this challenge.   It’s not like I am going to jump off a cliff and use vegetable oil to fuel my car so, I can get to places on time or wherever I need to go.  However, that would be interesting to see how far my car will go on vegetable oil; the only problem it would not do so well on steep hills.

The first order of business in going green was to eat locally but, what does eat locally mean to a person that never done this before?  Well, Sara stated that as Americans meal travels about 1500 miles to get to our plates which is a lot of time for food to travel but, that means when we sit at the dinner table to chow down on chicken, potatoes and peas those are foods with a passport.   Interesting really because no one would calculate the time that it would take food to travel that long by boat, truck or plane which means a lot of wasted petroleum, freshness and nutrients so, to cut back on that is to find foods grown locally like at the farmers market or a organic grocery store.


Butternut Squash

The second thing to do was say no more paper or plastic when it came to shopping because it causes a lot of landfill as well as pollution to the environment.   Sara stated that anytime we hit the grocery store, meat market, even the mall, we are wasting not only trees but plastic so, instead of doing that buy a reusable shopping bag because paper bags require a lot of energy to create and plastic are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resources, and they aren’t going anywhere so, considering that we use 85 billion a year you would think how many are just sitting in those dumps.  A lot actually so, I took the liberty in buying my own bags which I will use in the near future.


Do you know in some countries if you do not bring you own bag that you will have to pay for a grocery bag to take home?

Next, on the list that was the green living was avoiding the phantom draw; this means unplugging appliances that you are not using such as the toaster, microwave or even the cell phone that you have finished charging.

Another important things Sara tries to pull across was embracing the green triangle which was one thing that I heard when I was younger so, I looked more into this green triangle theory and here is what I have come up with, Americans generate 13 million tons of glass waste each year and enough aluminum to rebuild an entire commercial airline fleet every three months. Get in the habit of recycling your glass, plastics, aluminum and paper. Most curbside recycling programs collect these and there are accessible drop locations for them in nearly every city.

Now I did not know this part but, I had to look at my dishwasher to see if it had a pre-rinse setting.  Thank goodness it didn’t because I can wash my own dishes and put them in the dishwasher to make sure they are clean to the way I would like them because wasting 20 gallons a year on water is something that is not in my future because water is important like the trees and animals because that is survival for humanity. In addition to conserving resources when it came to the dishwasher was to take off the heat dry setting and dry the dishes on my own which will take long but, its for the good of humanity on the basis of its future.

Reaching for the stars, another pun of hers that seem dull but, I agree on the concept of why she stated on reaching for the stars.  Energy Star appliances are the best option because it uses less energy, saves money and protects the environment.   There is a wide range of products available to the public from programmable thermostats to cordless phones.  I plan to invest in a washer and dryer so I can save $100 a year in energy bills.

Turning down the heat is another point she brought out which is one more reason I am going to invest into Energy Star because saving 3% each time I put the air on in my house is a good deal with me than to have a 100-watt heater soaking up all my money.

Making my ride green which will be probably my toughest challenge yet, I know manual stick shifts use less gas than regular automatic transmission cars so, that is one reason why i prefer stick shift over automatic.  Another is it does come in hybrid from so if I can get a hybrid then I will be saving even more money on my car than I would than a non-hybrid vehicle.  Even if I am  not ready to buy a hybrid, there are ways i can conserve fuel. Keep my tire pressure at the recommended level for greater fuel efficiency. Keep the AC on low, running it on high decreases your car’s fuel efficiency up to 25%. Check my air filter, because a clean one can make your car 10% more fuel efficient. And drive a little less. Cars release about a pound of CO2 for every mile driven, so avoid driving 20 miles a week and I’ll spare the environment 1000 pounds of CO2 emissions in a year. Amazing really for someone that is doing this for the very first time in their life.

Switching out my light bulbs which sounds very interesting but, that is something that is not hard to do.  Those wacky energy saving light bulbs are really good but, I probably would have to buy a lot in order to make my life easier.  I didn’t realize that Americans buy 1 billion bulbs a year. If everyone would switch out just one conventional bulb for a compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL), it would be like pulling a million cars off the roads. Plus, because the bulbs last 10 times as long and are 25% more energy efficient, they’ll save me some green.

I plan to start off smalls so I may do this challenge and see what will happen but, some people do not go through because they never make it even after they do the two weeks but, I will see what goes on from there maybe I will like this and I will continue to keep my life Eco-Friendly as well as peaceful in nature.  This is certainly different which will make me more likely to stand out from the rest of the crowd.



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