Flame-Feathered Dancers : long legged Elegance

Natures Flame-Feathered Dancers


If you clicked on this post in the hopes that you would see some exotic human Flame-Feathered Dancers will you were sadly mistaken because I cannot see how anyone could compare to the magnificence of the Flame-Feathered Dancer of nature the Flamingo.

Greater Flamingo

There are only six different species of Flamingos which is not a whole lot so, to see one up close and personal is a truly amazing experience even though that they do have an odor which is a result from the krill.   From early times the flamingo has been appreciated for its lovely, delicate stature. Its long-necked likeness was chiseled into stone and can be seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs. So unusual and admired was the bird’s appearance that the Egyptians revered it as the embodiment of the god Ra. The flamingo’s slender, arching neck and thin, graceful legs were featured in primitive cave drawings.  Even to this day you see flamingos in paintings and other forms of expressive artwork because they have a elegance about them that you could not compare to another bird so, what can you say to those that find a bird like this to be a vulgar or weird in appearance.

Today six species of flamingo can be found in areas of Africa, the Caribbean, Eurasia, and South America. The lesser flamingo is the smallest of the species. It is beautifully colored, with deep-pink feathers and bright-red legs and feet. The greater flamingo is twice the size of the lesser flamingo and stands up to 55 inches tall. All flamingos have a common characteristic—a bill that gently bends in the middle and curves downward, creating a form that is lovely to behold.   Amazing to see when you are close to such interesting birds because you can tell the difference between the two if you was to come close enough to them so discover how both birds interact with one another.

When taking to the air, the bird gracefully flaps its wings and races across the

Lesser Flamingo

water on nimble legs, obtaining the momentum it needs to lift into the sky. With its long neck and head straight out in front and its legs trailing rigidly behind, it elegantly wings its way across the sky. An estimated four million flamingos inhabit Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

What is there not to like about Flamingos except their fishy smell?  They are very pleasant to look at even though they are very homely at birth but, do most things get better looking in time? I cannot see why people state that this is an odd color bird because they are very unique in their coloring because there are not too many other species of birds that come in with pink feathers if memory serves me right so, what is odd about them?

Anyway there are many things that I can find interesting about the flame-feathered dancers that we are forced to share the world with but, that will have to wait in another post.


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