A photo that is worth Sharing

People in the world do not have the right to judge a person by the outward appearance for that can be alter but, its the inner beauty that matters that most, therefore, why do people judge the friends that we make and the people whom we choose to associate with rather than staying in within our race, creed,and culture.


A friend is someone who understands you past, believes in your future, and accepts you just they way you are.  Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.  Also a true good friend knows that you are a good egg even though they know that you are slightly cracked.  Friendship is a treasured gift, and everytime you talk with them it should feel like you are getting richer and richer.  Many have claimed that friendship is god’s way of apologizing for our families.  In addition God is also your friend that stays by your side no matter where you are in the world.  Same thing goes with love, love is when two people know everything about each other and still are friends, one kiss breaches the distance between friendship and love.  Therefore friendship comes from the heart. 


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