My blog is for the purpose of inspiration of others to be whom ever they are inside because there are too many people out here that are fake and not real with others so, if you are real and true to yourself please follow me in a world of truth, grace, and happiness.

Now about me.

I was born in Mount Vernon, New york and resided there until 2004 relocating to Greensboro, NC to live a life of peace and harmony; my career goals are very simple for I wish to pursue a career in Law and Economics to help in the field of human rights, Animal rights and, environmental protection.

I have an eye for art and the understanding of nature that is everywhere around us;however, seeing the destruction of our planet is torturing for we are losing some of the most valuable things this world has to offer so, I will enjoy nature for the time this earth will have it because no one seems to care about our planet so, I will enjoy the healthy, green, Eco-friendly life until my dying days.

When  I plan to attend Simmons College I have the desire to major in Africana Studies and Women’s studies with a minor in East Asian studies as well as economics.  I believe studying these courses will help me as an individual figure out how people speak to each other, how people create powerful relationships, how certain people have privilege and others are oppressed and, I also would like what to know what femininity is and what it means in popular culture.  I have love always being in the middle of politics because leadership is not about me; it’s about bringing people together so I want to carry on what I’ve experienced here; constructive teamwork so I can make a difference where people can say “today is such a gift”. I’m a people person, I want to interact with all ages, and all kinds so Africana Studies will help me to assist those in Africa who need water and suffer from so many illnesses.  In addition before I am 40 I want to make a difference in every country as possible so I can either go to the United Nations or make a difference by starting an organization.

After that I may go into a line of work that deals with Humanitarian laws along side lobbying for environmental justice and human rights in other parts of the world such as Africa and parts of Asia but, for now I am going to blog about my current experiences.


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