Faults in Humanity

There is one thing that I was taught to believe there are two types of people.  People of worth and the others.  What I mean people of worth I mean people whom are caring, kind, and always willing to help no matter what it takes to make sure the other person’s head is a float.  The others are classified in many sub-categories from Fakers to Neo-nazi skin heads that plague our planet.

In addition, I also was brought up to believe that there are ugly people because they wish to be, they were born by ugly parents and had no control of it or, they are ugly by health issues.  Now that is true because there are so many diseases that can alter a persons looks to the point they do not look like a person, you have some rude people out here are going to say what they think and what feel about a person.

People are cruel and should only associate with others that are the same but, leaves those that do not feel the same alone and cease trying to make any association towards a person.   Me stating that is a wishful thought for there are people on this earth that cannot respect and try all means to get their point across whenever they have a chance in order to have conversation with a person.   The more you ignore, walk away and use the aid of big brother there are two possibilities that might happen one the person will finally give up and find someone else to bother or two they’ll go to far and end up in jail just because they did not respect a persons wishes of them refraining contact.  A lot of people do have these problems on the daily places in school, at work, at home, anywhere they go they will see some form of disgust in humanity which is a bother but, there are a lot of cases it hits home and they cannot do anything about so they leave and limit contact with that individual.

I am being the voice for those that can speak for themselves but, can’t because they are too afraid people are hateful creatures yet a lot of people claim that this is from nature itself.  That is not true because if you go back in the early parts of history people cared for one another and did everything they could in their power to help because they had a strong fear of god but, that is no longer the case because of Atheist and Devil worshipers you now see that they do not want religion enforced on their children because they do not believe in god and they do not follow his teachings which is a sad mistake on their part because its the teaching of our heavenly father Jehovah God that kept us in line more so than the government of man.  Man cannot guide his own steps because man cannot correct the faults of man so, who can be the only one that can fix the mistakes that man has done?

Man is why there is sin, disease, crime, and hatred alongside with the Devil.  True that the Devil deceived us but, God did give the first man and woman a warning about eating the fruit from the tree.  Did they listen? No that is the problem with humanity today no one listens!!!!

How can we get further in life if we do not listen to the elders and to those who have more experience than we do?  If people were to listen then they would be smarter, have more respect for each other and, life would be a whole lot different but, no one ever stops and think which is another problem facing humanity.  Why don’t people think before they act?  Do they realize that their actions cost them later down the line?  Many do not believe that Karma exists but, it does it does not register with some because they do not believe that their actions will affect them later down the road but, you have those that believe Karma is just wishful thinking or ill logic.

Yes, there are many faults with humanity that we are forced to deal with everyday of the week, every hour, every minute, every second, and every moment that we have when we are a live.   Many claim that racism, xenophobia, crime, disease, and many other factors are too stressful in times that it makes is hard to deal with.  Yeah I know been there and done that people can make you sick if you let them stress you to that point or even stress you that you die which is not going to affect them but, your family, friends, and close relations.

One thing that i can truly say about people if you go and sit in a murder trial or even a criminal trial you can see the true nature of a person which at times makes  you sick to believe that someone actually brought a creature like that into this world.   I remember there was a case that a young woman was killed by her boyfriend because she was trying to end a long and abusive relationship and, at trial sentencing the man’s uncle had cruel words to share with the victims family which sparked and outrage.  Yeah people like him should be dealt with half a grain of salt or sand whatever you prefer because people like him are the ones that will get you in trouble if you had to deal with him on the regular basis.

There is another important part to differ yourselves from humanity is not to be only educated but literate for, if you are more literate than those you are dealing with then you can find others that can be on the same level of comprehension to associate yourselves with on the daily basis.

Present are dissimilar types of populace in the humanity which makes empire harder to subsist because it seems additional and supplementary in epoch akin to this inhabitants fail to remember how to illustrate empathy so, manufacture an paradigm out one will convey the respite to their obliteration.

That is something that I live with in belief because there are different types of people in humanity which makes life harder to live because people fail to remember how to show empathy and create a bond that shows love for one another.  There are no words to describe how that quote is truly related to humanity as a whole or as a part whatever your choice maybe but, there is no words to describe how people view on another whether its good or bad they will show their colors in time.

After watching hundreds upon hundreds of videos of people like me whom are not only different and do not follow the crowd they how similar feelings about how they view humanity and their words speak strong like mine.

This man speaks the truth of what people in America do not think about certain things but, they are also going to have ill logical view points until people finally take the time to see and learn before they speak and comment.

Lizzie Velasquez is another person of greatness because she talks about inspiration and being true to what you are and what you believe in.

This woman has a medical condition that she cannot control but, sadly she was given the title of being the ugliest woman in the world which is something that she did not deserve in context because there are people that are far more uglier than her which is not in appearance.

Personally I would rather buy a book from her than to buy a book that was written by Snooki or any other famous celebrity that I am forced to see and hear about on the daily basis.  I like to read books about what other people like me have to go through in order to make achievements that seem impossible.  I do not look at books nor read books about the day in the life unless about a culture in another country.   I like to learn something new that I can use to benefit society for the better in the future rather than making society worse than it already is now.

I would like to live in a society that celebrities can live normal lives like everybody else and be like everybody else, I want to live in a society where race does not matter, I want to live in a society where people are intelligent and have something logic to discuss rather than asking immaterial questions that are none of their business, I want to live in a society that people have an expanded vocabulary and do not use menial terms, I want to live in a society where I can be safe anytime of the day or night knowing there is no bodily harm coming my way, I want to live in a society that my animal friends will not be abused, killed or tortured by the human counter-parts they long to be with, I want to live in a society that drugs and crime where a thing of the past, I want to live in a society where people themselves are selfless instead of being plain selfish, I want to be in a society that they choices I make are no considered wrong if I am not breaking the law, I want to live in a society where I can be me and not be bullied, I want to live in a society that fear Jehovah God and obey his teachings as well as his laws.

That is an ideal society for me to live in and that is the society I so desire to live in but, for that day to ever come there is change needed and there is no sign of that form of change coming from some one like me who is sick and tired of how things are and is praying for change to come like a thief in the night but, when it comes no one will be ready so be prepared for the worse .

God’s day is coming whether you believe it or not because humanity has faulted for too long.









The Beauty of Mathematics

There are no such things as magic for the whole entire world can be explained by numbers and science alone so, the belief in magic is child’s play.

After watching this video it showed me something that I did not see before but, already grew to appreciate it.

When using the name of our Heavenly father Jehovah what percent do you think you should love him?

Jehovah God our father in Heaven = 259%

Like the video claim our love for him should be 101% so we should love him a little bit more.